Pre and Post Surgical Physio

Returning to full function and back to your desired activity levels post orthopaedic surgery can be a daunting task.

Getting the right management in place prior to surgery and immediately after can really accelerate your outcomes.

Let Franklin Physiotherapy manage your prehab and rehab program with clear guidance and objective outcome measures for optimal recovery.

Kiran and Nikki have worked alongside the country’s leading orthopaedic surgeons to return clients back to a variety of performance levels. From the occasional Sunday league footballer to the professional dancer, whatever your intended goals, a suitable and individual treatment plan will be designed to get you there.

“I first met Kiran after having an arthroscopic knee repair and was not recovering well through physio sessions I’d had elsewhere.
Being looked after by Kiran has been a blessing and life changing, going from physical restriction in my leg to eventually being able to return to full active training. His dedication to my recovery has been truly invaluable and he is the only Physiotherapist I trust!
Kiran you’re the Best.”