Pre and Postnatal Musculoskeletal Physio

Many changes occur to the female body during pregnancy and afterwards. Structures are placed under a new level of load with the added influence of hormonal shifts and a growing baby alongside the demands of day to day life. This can alter posture, balance and the strength of the pelvic floor. It can also result in diastasis recti. All of which can impact symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, pelvic girdle pain and wrist pain.

As a mother, Nikki is familiar with the associated aches and pains of pregnancy and beyond and is experienced in treating both pre and post natal musculoskeletal clientele. This service will assess, identify and treat your changing body in a safe and effective manner.

Treatment can utilise manual techniques, supportive taping, retraining of the pelvic floor, scar tissue mobilisation in C section births and generalised strength and conditioning of the body in its pre natal experience and in post natal recovery.

“A simply amazing physio team. I cannot recommend both Nikki and Kiran highly enough. They listen and are immediately attentive to the problem whilst putting plans in place to prevent the issue recurring. I have personally been looked after by the both of them and have recommended many of my patients who have been equally impressed. They have great insight to the pregnancy state and have huge success with treating many of the associated conditions. A truly unique team who passionately enjoy their work and take great pride in delivering excellent care!”