Vocal and Jaw Physio

This is a highly specialised and unique service that can benefit both professional and non-professional voice users as well as those experiencing jaw tension and/or pain.

There are many factors which can influence the muscles surrounding the larynx and jaw. When something disrupts the muscular balance in this area, the result can be detrimental to joint mobility, vocal fold mobility and optimal voice use. Thus causing jaw tension, vocal restriction, pain, asymmetry and at times associated headaches.

This treatment aims to identify where these sources of restriction are arising from and treat them effectively with highly skilled manual techniques to mobilise the larynx and surrounding soft tissues. This in turn has a huge amount of positive impact on symptoms of jaw pain, restricted movement and voice quality.

Nikki and Kiran have worked closely alongside professional opera, pop and musical theatre singers for years helping to optimise their vocal performance. They have also aided many non-professional voice users (for example primary teachers, barristers and lecturers) in restoring their voice for sustained use in their workplace.

Often the overall management is a team effort and Nikki and Kiran have a network of highly respected ENT surgeons, SALTs, vocal coaches and singing teachers they can collaborate with if indicated.

“I can not recommend Nikki and Kiran highly enough.

I have been receiving treatment from Nikki for ten years now from when I was The Phantom of the Opera. That role opened a plethora of neck and voice problems for me. Nikki was there to not only fix the problems but help me get stronger to prevent any future issues as best as we could. 

There’s no one I trust more nor would I want my initial diagnosis from. When my son was injured Kiran and Nikki were the only people I wanted him seen by. 
Nikki can get me back on stage performing and singing or back in the gym quicker than anyone I know and safely.

No matter where I’ve been in the world and needed treatment I would still get advice on the course of action from Nikki. Much to the annoyance of whoever had to see me locally. Mostly because she was always right. I would be happy to see anyone in her clinic for therapy as they all work together and are up to date with the history of the patient. Whenever I couldn’t see Nikki there was an effortless handover for that session so the rehabilitation never slowed down. They are experts in the field of performance and voice physiotherapy.”